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The moment that we have all been waiting for is officially here…cannabis is legal for recreational use in Malta and Gozo!

President George Vella has officially signed the cannabis bill, making it into a law. The legal notice was uploaded on Saturday 18th December, which specifies that the law now allows marijuana for recreational and personal use.

Malta has also been named as the first country in the European Union to legalise cannabis for recreational use which makes it a historical moment for our country.

Cannabis and CBD Legislation in Malta Cannabis is Officially Legal!
Cannabis and CBD Legislation in Malta

As of Saturday 18th December, individuals are allowed to carry on them up to 7g of cannabis without being prosecuted. Furthermore, each citizen is allowed to grow up to four plants at home. Anyone who previously had a criminal offence related to marijuana can now also apply to have it erased from their criminal records.

A few days ago, Parliament voted in favour of the cannabis bill. Although there were rumours of the President rejecting to sign the law, the President emphasised that his role in parliamentary democracy in Malta was not to decide for himself whether to sign the bill or now.

Cannabis Law Signing

‘The head of state cannot capriciously create a constitutional crisis and cause instability… there is nothing in our Constitution that gives the president the final say on a law, otherwise, we’d create a dictator who decides what becomes law at their own whims,’ the President said.

Cannabis Legislation in Parliament

‘Parliament is the place where the laws of the country are made…It adopts laws that have been promised to the people and which those same people have given it the power to implement,’ he said, adding that the President needed to sign all approved Bills swiftly.

Malta Parliament Cannabis Reform Cannabis is Officially Legal!
Malta Parliament Cannabis Reform

The President stressed that he could not choose not to sign a law unless there was a serious moral obligation, in which case they were obliged to step down and let someone else pass the law.


While some are criticising this move toward the usage of recreational marijuana, others are overjoyed in Malta making such an advancement.

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