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Malta becomes the first country in Europe to legalize cannabis for personal use.

It’s finally happening, and we are here to wish you a very green Christmas! The moment that all cannabis lovers have been waiting for is here. Malta is now officially one step away from becoming the first European country to legalise cannabis for personal use.

Yesterday Malta passed a historic cannabis bill with the final vote taken in Parliament. The bill was approved with 36 votes in favour and 27 against. All PN MPs voted against the bill.

At the end of a long sitting focusing on the budget, the parliament voted for the bill, which will officially become law once President George Vella gives his official sign-off, which is customary according to the constitution.

With that being said, let’s recap on your fresh new rights as a cannabis user.

Up to 7g of cannabis in your possession

In Malta, you will be able to possess up to 7g of Cannabis

Under the new rules, you will be able to possess up to 7g without the fear of breaking any laws or getting arrested. However, the police will have every right to question you if there is reasonable suspicion of trafficking or drug dealing.

Tribunal over Criminal Court

For users found to be carrying over 7g and up to 28g, they will be tried before the Commissioner for Justice. If found guilty, the person will be fined between €50 to a €100.

Smoking in public is not allowed

Smoking Cannabis in public is not allowed in Malta

People will not be allowed to smoke weed in public unless this is for medical reasons. Smoking in public can lead to a fine of €235 while smoking in front of children or anyone below the age of 18 can lead to a fine between €300 and €500.

Up to 4 plants at home

You can grow up to 4 plants at home in Malta

The law allows for the cultivation of up to four marijuana plants at home. Growers will not be allowed to be in possession of more than 50g of cannabis.

Cannabis associations

Cannabis associations will be created under the new law to distribute the drug and seeds to cultivate it. Associations will be allowed to sell up to 7g of cannabis every day to a member, and not more than 50g per month. It will also be allowed to distribute up to 20 seeds per month to members.

Individuals can only be members of one association. An association cannot have more than 500 members and no signs or promotions will be allowed outside of the association. Premises will also need to be 250m away from schools, clubs, and youth centres.


The bill will be officially approved once President George Abela signs the reform. Despite calls for Vella to refuse the law, his role is a simple formality, and it is only customary according to the constitution.

Marijuana users rejoice! The light is getting brighter at the end of our tunnel!

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