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As more and more people and businesses are entering the cannabis cultivation sphere, especially with Malta having legalised cannabis for recreational use, it’s important to note that the cannabis industry is famous for consuming a lot of water and electricity. However, there are ways to escape this if you’re looking into becoming a cannabis grower. You do not have to contribute to the growing problem of our unhealthy environment.

Learn how you can grow cannabis in an eco-friendly and sustainable way with the 7 pieces of advice in this article!

Choose your equipment wisely when growing indoors

Growing your cannabis outdoors is the best option. However, since Malta’s regulations offer certain restrictions when it comes to growing your cannabis plant in the public eye, growing outdoors might prove to be difficult.

Having said that, growing indoors uses a lot of power. Lighting and ventilation chew through non-renewable energy sources such as electricity. However, you can minimise your impact on the environment by choosing the right equipment for growing. Almost all electrical equipment in Europe comes with very clear labelling about energy consumption and efficiency. Choose lighting that doesn’t consume as much energy such as LED lights.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors 7 Tips for Growing Eco-Friendly Cannabis
Growing Cannabis Outdoors

You can also do your own research into the companies that you are buying your equipment from. Are they sustainable? Do they care about their impact on the environment?

Choose your growing medium carefully

There are many different ways to grow weed, and many mediums are soilless. However, some of these soilless mediums are not environmentally friendly. Peat takes a very long time to grow naturally and Rockwool takes ages to break down. Hydroponics uses a lot of power and water to grow your weed indoors.

If you still prefer to go soilless, the best medium to use will be coco coir since it is a by-product of the coconut industry and it is completely natural.

Step away from chemicals

Keep your weed chemical free 7 Tips for Growing Eco-Friendly Cannabis
Keep your weed chemical-free

Pesticides made out of chemical material will, not only end up in your weed that will enter your body, but they will also end up in the natural environment. The soil becomes compromised and in turn, so do rivers, oceans, and wildlife.

Save water

The cannabis industry is known for water consumption and water wastage. It is a common mistake for first-time growers to over-water their plants. However, measures can be taken to ensure that you are not overdoing it and also to take note that your plants are not losing water to evaporation.

Mulching the top of the soil will give your plants a better chance to stay moist for longer periods without you having to water them.

Grow companion plants

This can act as an alternative to chemical pesticides. Companion plants will keep away pests that will destroy your garden as well as attract the insects that will help your plants to thrive. Clover and beans can fix nitrogen and attract mites and other pests before they infest your weed. Marigolds and chilli peppers will help repel many nuisance bugs. Basil and rosemary will help keep the slugs at bay.

Learn how to compost

Composting is the best thing that you can do for your garden. Not only will you get to reuse all of that organic waste that you produce in the kitchen, but it will also be the best fertilizer you could ever give to your plants.

Learn how to compost 7 Tips for Growing Eco-Friendly Cannabis
Composting can be done by adding organic waste to the soil

When the compost decomposes in your soil, it will create all of the microbial life that will help keep your plants thriving. You will also never have to purchase fertilizers ever again!

Grow from seed

Grow from Seed 7 Tips for Growing Eco-Friendly Cannabis
Grow your cannabis by choosing the right seeds

Growing from seed is always better for the environment. A lot of materials are waster when you purchase seedlings including plastic pots, while it is also a heavier logistic burden. So, if you want to grow eco-friendly cannabis, you can purchase some seeds here and get started!

Be conscious

Everything that you are using to grow your cannabis garden is a resource that came from somewhere else. Always be mindful of that fact. Staying conscious of the materials you are using is an important way to always remain eco-friendly.

Every chemical that you add to your garden can have an effect on your natural surroundings. Every drop of water you use is part of the most valuable resource on Earth.


Your garden is one of many and you can contribute to the health of the world that you are living in.

Keep checking out our blog for more tips and updates on cannabis in Malta!

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