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Use these tips to speed up your growth at any point between germination and harvest.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to fasten your cannabis growing. You might be moving house and have to pack your grow room. Or you’re simply running low on weed and need it ASAP!

No matter the reason, there are proven ways to speed things up, whether you’re growing inside or out. In this article, we will focus on speeding things up when you’re growing cannabis inside. Let’s take a look!

Grow autoflowering cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis will mature at a faster rate than photoperiod stains since they contain ruderalis genetics. The latter evolved naturally in places with colder climates like Siberia where summers are very short. They had to develop the ability to produce flowers and seeds quickly to ensure survival.

Grow autoflowering cannabis All you need to know about growing cannabis as fast as possible
Auto-Flowering Cannabis

Most auto-flowering cannabis will start to flower two weeks after germination and can be harvested about 7 weeks later.

Take photoperiod strains straight to the flower

You can force photoperiod strains to mature faster by putting them in 12 hours of total darkness, every day, starting from germination. It’s good to note that, although this method works, your plants will not get as big or yield as much as if you had allowed them to veg normally. If you’re interested in this method, you can use clones or seeds.

photoperiod strains All you need to know about growing cannabis as fast as possible
Photoperiod Cannabis Strains

Grow from clones

Growing from clones is one of the best ways to speed things up in the growing process. A cutting will act as a mature seedling, ready to start its vegetative stage. Although it might take some time for your cutting to have roots, this follows a short time frame compared to the time it takes for a seed to germinate and complete the seedling phase.

If you already have a plant on the go, you can continually take cuttings from your plants to begin your next grow. This method proves to be faster and more consistent.

Lights on 24 hours daily

You can leave your lights on 24/7 and your weed plants will be fine. Unlike other plants, cannabis plants do not need a dark period each day to be healthy. In fact, they will stay shorter and grow faster under a continuous light period.

growing cannabis lights All you need to know about growing cannabis as fast as possible
Use the best lighting according to your cannabis plants’ needs

By keeping constant light, you might need to cut your veg time by a third and still have good-sized plants. If you are using this method, keep an eye out for deficiencies. If your plants look like they are getting sick, you might want to reduce your wattage or light to help them recover.

Less than 12 hours of light per day during bloom

If you would like to fasten the flowering process, put your plants in complete darkness for 48 hours before you start on the 12/12 light cycle. Then, use the 11/13 light cycle during bloom. The extra reduction in light will trick your plants into thinking that winter is here.

Switch to hydro

This might be a considerable option for you. Compared to soil or a soilless mix, hydro can reduce your veg time by a few weeks. The hydro method also delivers nutrients directly to the plant’s roots so that they can grow. The flowering period will not go faster but it will produce heavier, denser and bigger yields.

The right nutrition

Invest in giving your plants the right nutrition. Follow the directions on the nutrients that you are giving to your plants but keep it on the light side until you know just how much your plants are nutrient-sensitive.

During vegging, nitrogen is essential while during the flowering phase, phosphorus and potassium are more important. Too much nitrogen can slow down the process which is the opposite of what you want to happen.

Use different rooms for harvest

If you have the luxury of space, getting on board a growing schedule will mean that you will get a regular supply of bud. Perpetual growing means that you dedicate one space to plants that are in the flowering stage, and another space to plants in the vegging stage. These stages require different light schedules and spectrums.

Use different rooms to harvest cannabis All you need to know about growing cannabis as fast as possible
Using different rooms for harvesting Cannabis

Once plants are ready to get to the flowering stage, you move them to their dedicated space. From there, you can germinate and begin vegging a new plant, ready to start flowering again.


Try one or more of the strategies mentioned above if you need to force your plants to grow sooner than they would on their own. However, doing so means you will presumably give up yield and potency in the process. Select a cannabis seed that has been cultivated especially for speed for the greatest outcomes. You can minimize any form of compromise you might have to make if you have the correct DNA.

Keep checking out our blog for more tips and updates on cannabis in Malta!

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