Metal rolling tray “Mandala Leafs 1/4”, 18 x 14 cm The premium metal rolling trays with unique motifs and designs impress with their high-quality workmanship and a large number of motifs, also for collecting. The building shell consists of 0.35mm thick metal and thus meets the highest quality standards

Sold By: St Owned

Rolling Trays


Mandala Leaf Tray is a stylish way to gather your rolling papers, tobacco, and lighters while you’re enjoying your smoke.

The metal rolling tray “Mandala Leaf 1/4” is a multifunctional metal tray for rolling up and smoking cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. The motifs are made of high-quality laser engravings.

The simple, practical, and yet elegant design of the Mandala Leaf Tray is guaranteed to make a statement in any household. From the inventive patterns to the high-quality materials, this tray is perfect for rolling out dough, making pastries, or simply for decoration. The Mandala Leaf Tray is an all-rounder that will brighten up any kitchen

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