Our ‘Number 1’ Hot Box makes an ideal gift for any stoner and saves you money! Box can be tweaked to your request but generally consists of: 1 x Natural wood, Medium Wise Skies Stash Box (can be changed with blue or pink) 1 x 4 tier grinder (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley or cannabis leaves design) 1 x small metal rolling tray (chosen at random) 1 x box of Cannabis green tea (black tea also available) 1 x Cannabis milk Chocolate 1 x Jar of Cannabis cookies 1 x Glass pipe + screens 2 x Dube Tubes 3 x assorted booklets of Kind Size rolling papers 1 x Packet of rolling tips 1 x Wise Skies Unbleached Rolling paper roll

Sold By: St Owned



St-owned Hot Box Number 1

– Airtight and Smell Proof. The Hot Box Number 1 is perfect for storage and keeping your cannabis products fresh. The box is airtight and smell-proof, so you can be sure your products will be protected.
– Grinder. The included grinder is a 4-tier grinder that is available in a Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, or cannabis leaves design.
– Rolling Tray. The small metal rolling tray is chosen at random and is the perfect size for rolling your own cannabis cigarettes.- Cannabis Green Tea. The included box of Cannabis green tea is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy your cannabis products.
– Cannabis Milk Chocolate. Cannabis milk chocolate is a delicious treat that is perfect for any occasion

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