Metal rolling tray “Grass Art #2 1/4”, 27.5 x 17.5 cm The premium metal rolling trays with unique motifs and designs impress with their high-quality workmanship and a large number of motifs, also for collecting. The building shell consists of 0.35mm thick metal and thus meets the highest quality standards.

Sold By: St Owned

Rolling Trays


Dedicated Growers Rolling tray small

If you’re looking for a rolling tray that’s both high-quality and beautiful, this is it. Our design process starts with hand sketching the motifs before their laser cut to create these beautiful rolling trays. In addition to high quality, these rolling trays are also high in diversity with several different designs to choose from.

The Growers Rolling Tray is a handcrafted metal rolling tray with a wide variety of designs. It’s perfect for professionals and amateurs alike, as it can be used to make rolling tobacco, rolling joints, rolling cigarettes, and more. They’re of superior quality and have a wide range of motifs.

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