Metal swivel base 420 Tray Black Small, 14x18x2 cm

Sold By: St Owned

Rolling Trays


420 Tray Black

Introducing the most subtle marijuana-related product on the market. Our Black 420 Rolling Tray is perfect for the person with simple yet sophisticated tastes. It’s sleek, and stylish, and will never have you rolling your weed on something that makes a big mess. With this tray, you’ll get things done fast and in style.

High-grade, black rolling tray with multicolor leaves. It’s also printed 420, a typical reference to cannabis stuff

420 is the most number for weed. Now you do need to smoke. This Black 420 Tray will make you happy.

420 is the most important day of the year for cannabis enthusiasts! Celebrate with this black 420 tray that has multicolor leaves.

It’s a black rolling tray with multicolor leaves.

Hey 420 enthusiasts! Get your hands on this amazing rolling tray, perfect for rolling joints, blunts, or whatever you fancy!

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