The RAW Glass cone tip is a slightly conical version of our classic glass tip. It makes for easy cone rolling while maintaining the ‘glass effect’. The glass effect is the beautiful feeling of glass on your lips which isn’t absorbent like paper. This way you get to enjoy the most rawesome rolling paper in the world (which is the best way to smoke in our opinion) combined with a smooth cool glass tip on your lip.



Sold By: Cekcik

Tubes and Filters


Raw Glass Flat Tip

Manufactured by the worlds most famous glass blowing company ROOR, the Raw Glass Flat Tip is one of the slimmest glass tip you can buy. Each tip has been blown using high quality German Schott glass and are 30mm long, but only 3mm in diameter. Near the round mouth piece there are ‘pinches’ or ‘dimples’, these will stop any material from entering your mouth. Each filter tip has the red RAW logo and the black ROOR logo on the glass tip. The Raw tip comes in a plastic tube which can be re-used, are easy to clean and use and will give you a cleaner smoke.

Glass tips are designed to be used over and over again. Just give it a good clean every few uses.

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