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If you landed on this blog, we’re assuming (and also hoping!) that you read the first part of this series. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch our last blog – you can go back and read more cannabis mistakes to avoid after you go through this list! That way, you will be sure to avoid most of the common mistakes done by cannabis beginners and professionals!  

This second part of the top cannabis mistakes to avoid is more surrounded by errors people make during their smoking sessions. So, let’s dive deep into this rabbit hole and begin! 

Have water or sugar nearby

Water and sugar Top Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2
There are many remedies to counter the effect of smoking cannabis

Cannabis has its advantages but it also has its downsides. Amongst others, the most common that cannabis users encounter are dry eyes, coughing, and a dry mouth. The remedy for dry eyes is to step away from the smoke. However, for coughing and cotton mouth (dry mouth), you should always keep a glass of water or some sweets next to you. That should do the trick. 

Know the right amount of weed 

Know the right amount of weed Top Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2
Always try and choose the right amount of weed before rolling your joint

Packing in too much cannabis too tightly will make it difficult to inhale. Using too little product will only allow for excessive airflow, making the joint burn way too quickly for anyone’s liking. The happy medium is the half-gram mark and this should give you a regular-sized joint. 

Know the ‘good side’ of your paper

Know the ‘good side of your paper Top Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2
Practice makes perfect when rolling out joints

One of the many mistakes that beginners make when rolling out their first joints is not knowing the ‘good side’ of your paper. By good side, we mean the side of the paper with the glue on it. This part will moisten and fasten onto the other end of the paper to seal your joint. Practice makes perfect when rolling out joints so give yourself some breathing room if you make mistakes with your first ones. 

Don’t throw out the stems 

You do not want to smoke your stems but you can definitely get in some good use out of them. They will contain small concentrations of cannabinoids and when extracted, you can combine them to create potent products. You can use them for cannabutter, infuse them in tea or make tinctures out of them. 

Get yourself a grinder

Get yourself a grinder Top Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2
A grinder will maximise the surface area of your bud

If you are a regular smoker, then getting yourself a grinder is key. Whichever way you like to enjoy your weed, you want your herb to have a consistent, fine grind to get that even burn. A grinder will maximise the surface area of your bud and make for a more consistent and enjoyable smoking session.

Get your inhaling on point 

Inhaling too deep will be harsh for your lungs while inhaling too shallow will not get you anywhere if you want to get high. Think of it like sipping on a drink with a straw. You do not need to sip too much but you do need to sip enough to make you taste the drink. You will need several smoking sessions to get the right puff but you will get there!

Do not hold the hit in your lungs 

Do not hold the hit in your lungs Top Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid – Part 2
Thinking that holding your breath while inhaling weed gives you more of a high? Think again

There is a misconception that holding the hit of weed in your lungs will get you higher. However, this myth has been debunked time and time again. You might get more lightheaded but you will not get higher. In reality, you are only depriving yourself of oxygen which means that the buzz you think you are feeling, is your body warning you of low oxygen levels. 


We hope that these tips have helped you understand your mistakes a little bit better. Don’t worry if you haven’t quite mastered the act of smoking just yet. You will get there. Practice makes perfect! Just make sure you are acting responsibly when you practice! 

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