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Although both CBD and THC are cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, they are different in many ways. Let’s cut to the chase…THC is defined by what cannabis makes you feel while with CBD, its effects cannot be felt. Unlike THC, CBD will not intoxicate you, on the contrary, it is commonly used for pain management purposes. 

CBD can also block some of the intoxicating effects of THC by binding to cannabinoid receptors, keeping the THC from activating those receptors. This, in turn, will reflect in less intense psychoactive effects. This is why products with a mix of CBD and THC are great for newbie users. However, a high dosage can cause its own effect, resulting in a profoundly relaxing experience. 

How does the law currently stand regarding?

Following Malta’s weed reform law, the country has completely legalised products made from cannabis-derived compounds. Just like in the rest of the EU, it is completely legal to order CBD products with less than 0.2% of THC without a prescription. 

How does the law in Malta currently stand regarding CBD and THC What’s the difference between CBD and THC?
Malta has completely legalised products made from cannabis-derived compounds

A while back, when presenting the cannabis bill in Parliament, then Reforms Minister Owen Bonnici said that ‘CBD products can be used for face creams, shampoos, clothing and other products, and even be used in coffee and tea. When this law passes, CBD products will be able to freely circulate in Malta.’

In the US, industrial hemp has been legal since the passing of the Farm Bill in December 2018, in all 50 states. However, its legality varies from state to state. 

Medicinal benefits of CBD 

CBD is known to help with a number of conditions. Research is constantly being updated on the benefits of CBD, but it is popularly used to manage the following conditions and symptoms: 

  • Pain and inflammation 
  • Anxiety 
  • PTSD 
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Crohn’s disease 
  • Opioid withdrawal 

It became most famous for treating a rare form of pediatric epilepsy. Although Dravet’s Syndrome is normally resistant to treatment methods, something extraordinary happened with CBD. People suffering from this condition are plagued by seizures and they normally worsen with age and can be life-threatening. Current treatment methods include eyepatches, specialised diets, and brain surgery. 

Medicinal benefits of CBD What’s the difference between CBD and THC?
It is most famous for treating a rare form of pediatric epilepsy

However, a young girl called Charlotte experienced a different kind of treatment which proved to be a success story in itself. She was given an ingestible oil derived from Charlotte’s Web, a CBD strain that was developed for her to provide her with all the benefits of the drug without getting the high effect. Charlotte went from monthly seizures counting to 1.200 to around three in less than two years. Other success stories followed Charlotte’s. 

Although THC is known for its mind-altering euphoria, it too has some medical benefits such as relieving nausea, insomnia, appetite loss, and other symptoms. In fact, many patients find that the best remedy is a balance of CBD and THC, working together synergistically.

CBD strains 

A high strain will deliver clear-headed and functional effects without the euphoric effects that are present with high-THC strains. This kind of strain is typically sought after by people who are sensitive to THC, or people who are needing to medicate throughout the day to control pain, anxiety, or other chronic conditions. 

CBD strains What’s the difference between CBD and THC?
Several strains can be consumed

Balanced strains will be more euphoric than completely dominant strains but will not induce negative side effects like anxiety or paranoia. These strains are effective for pain relief and they’re suited for consumers who would like to feel that mellow effect. 

Strains can be consumed just like THC strains including vaporising, edibles, capsules, applying lotions, or using a tincture. Such levels may also vary from crop to crop and from plant to plant so make sure that you check the specifics.  


Both CBD and THC have therapeutic advantages. Both are regarded as safe, but you should be aware of potential side effects and drug interactions if you take them. Before using cannabis or CBD, see your doctor or licensed cannabis or CBD clinician if you have any queries.

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