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What are the benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds? We’ll help you find out! 

In some shape or form, if you’re in the cannabis world, you will have probably heard the term autoflowering mentioned before since this is a popular topic in the industry, especially among beginner growers. Let’s get into it.

What is autoflowering?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are linked to a wild hemp strain that originated in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Russia. Here’s some incoming history. In the 1940s in Russia, Cannabis Ruderalis, a hemp strain, was identified. Like other types of hemp, this strain contained low levels of THC. 

autoflowering All You Need to Know About The Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
Autoflowering cannabis seeds are linked to a wild hemp strain

However, a visionary breeder understood the autoflowering capacity of this hemp strain and decided to combine it with other famous strains to increase THC potency while retaining the autoflowering capabilities. 

Having this autoflower power, Cannabis Ruderalis matures differently when compared to indica and sativa plants. What is most fascinating about Ruderalis is that it has the ability to flower without having to have a specific light schedule and/or cycle. It simply flowers automatically. 

This is probably due to the extreme environmental conditions that this plant evolved in. Since the flowering stage is not dependent on light, it is easier to grow, which makes it perfect for beginner growers.

The Light Cycle

As a general rule of thumb, autoflowering cannabis seeds need at least, 18 hours of light and approximately 6 hours of darkness. These plants have a shorter vegetative period than plants that are photoperiod. 

Some growers claim that autoflowering strains need 24 hours of light to get the most out of their vegetative growth. However, there’s no general consensus amongst growers on the exact light time. What’s best is to experiment and experience it first-hand and decide which one works best for you and your growing goals.

The top autoflowering seeds

There are so many autoflowering seeds that you can purchase, and this might be intimidating. However, we’re here to help you out when it comes to choosing the best for fast growth, high quality, and potency. 

Some of the best indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis seeds include: 

Alpine Delight 

Blue Bullet 

– Black Lights 

– White Haze 

– Northern Lights

Check out our available auto-flowering seeds now. 

How to grow autoflowering seeds

When growing auto-flowering seeds, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. For starters, you will have two weeks to train your plant so be cautious that time is limited from the beginning. 

Many growers choose to harvest autoflowering strains according to the seasons

Experienced growers claim that it is best to harvest the colas first, and then wait for the bottom buds to gather some density before moving on to harvest those. Our suggestion is to try and top each plant after it develops three nodes. 

Many growers choose to harvest auto-flowering strains early or late in the season, keeping in mind that these cannabis seeds do not require the normal light cycle, but they do require warmth. A greenhouse could come in handy here. 

Our tips & tricks for growing auto-flowering strains:

– Remember that time is limited due to the fast growth rate of autoflowers. 

– Our recommendation is top your plant after it develops three nodes. 

– A normal light cycle is not required with auto-flowering but warmth is necessary.

– Autoflowering does not require the regular feeding regime that Sativa and Indica require. 

– Less nitrogen is needed than in the regular vegetative growth phase. 

– From seed to harvest, autoflowers live about 8-10 weeks.- Most growers begin the harvest during week 11.


Auto-flowering marijuana plants are being used more and more frequently. With this method, you can harvest from a seedling after just eight weeks. Additionally, you simply need a little bit of room to start. Compared to their photoperiod counterparts, they are more durable. These plants are producing bigger yields and more potent marijuana due to significant advancements in the development process.

Every year there are fewer and fewer reasons not to try autoflowering marijuana strains. Maybe you don’t have enough free time to dedicate to a photoperiod strain. As an alternative, you prefer the thought of growing several cannabis strains every year. Whatever the case, autos are probably the way marijuana will be grown in the future.

Order your cannabis seeds directly from us, and choose from some of the best seeds on the market.

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