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The news that you can now legally grow cannabis in Malta is not new information. In the comfort of your own home, you can now legally grow four cannabis plants which means that you can have readily available access to your own weed and also get the chance to grow some cool strains. 

Growing Cannabis can get tricky

However, if this is your first time growing a proper cannabis plant, things might get a little confusing and overwhelming. It is not as simple as planting a seed and letting it grow. However, it is also not as difficult as some sites make it out to be. 

There are a number of different factors that go into growing your buds such as growing houses, lighting, humidity, and more. We’re here to cover the basics of what you need when it comes to kick-starting your own home-grown weed garden. 


First things first. You will need to provide your growing bud with an adequate amount of light if you want your weed to look and taste nice. Malta’s regulations only allow you to grow inside so make sure that you pick the right light resource for your growing space. 

Growing Cannabis Lighting Growing Cannabis for the First Time? Here are all the best tips!
Provide your growing bud with an adequate amount of light

The light option you pick depends on your growing area. In general, plants will need 18 hours of light daily during their vegetative stage while they will need 12 hours a day during their flowering stage. 


Take into account the height of your growing space and pick the right growing tent. Keep in mind that plants will require physical space to grow and flourish. The last thing you want is for your plant to be restricted by space and get squashed at the top of your growing area. 


Growing cannabis will require an adequate amount of CO2 so when deciding on your growing space, you also need to take into account if the space has enough CO2 for the plant to flower into beautiful buds. 

You will need to think about sucking any odours using a carbon filter, giving your soil a boost with added CO2, and neutralising the air so your whole house will not smell like a weed with specific neutralisers and extractors. 


Choosing the right pot is essential when growing cannabis plants. When growing cannabis plants, you will need to create a strong root structure and this all depends on the chosen pot. 

Growing Cannabis Pot Growing Cannabis for the First Time? Here are all the best tips!
To create a strong root structure you will need an adequate pot

You can choose between fabric pots that can withstand root strengths, airpots of different sizes which are great for oxygen flow, or foil pots that retain heat that will help regulate the temperature of your seed, especially during the cold winter months. 


This leads us nicely to temperature. Growing cannabis plants will need different temperatures in their different stages of growth. The phases of germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages all require a slightly different temperatures. However, if you can’t keep at your plants 24/7, a generic temperature that is close to 26 degrees Celsius should be fine. 

Having a thermometer that can measure and monitor your temperature is crucial when growing cannabis. 


Growing Cannabis Water Growing Cannabis for the First Time? Here are all the best tips!
The pots must have proper drainage systems

Simply treat your cannabis plants like you would treat any other plant in your household. However, make sure that your pots have proper drainage systems as your rots can rot and your whole cannabis plant would go to waste, leaving you with no weed to smoke and enjoy. 


Growing cannabis plants will need a healthy mix of nutrients to be able to grow big and strong. You can either buy a pre-mixed soil that will contain all the right nutrients or else, you can make your own soil mix by mixing in different nutrients. 

If you go down the last road, it might take you some time to figure out what works best for your plant and be aware that your plant might get affected. If you are still a beginner, pre-mixed soil is your safest bet. 

See? Not entirely nerve-wracking, right? 


In general, the entire procedure takes three to eight months to produce your very own ganja for smoking, although the exact length of time depends on a variety of variables. You should be fine as long as you keep an eye on your plants, show them affection, and clip any potentially withering leaves.

Check out our blog for all the latest news and tips and tricks to growing your own weed. 

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