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Regardless of the lighting schedule, Autoflowering cannabis plants are “day neutral” and will begin flowering as soon as they are old enough, in contrast to ordinary “short-day” cannabis plants that require a daily long dark time to induce flowering.

This article will tackle the things you need to know before growing your own auto-flowering cannabis.

Things to know before growing Autoflowering (Autoherbs) Cannabis

All cannabis plants that auto-flower are grown from seeds

Cannabis plants that aren’t auto-flowering (normal) are either started from seeds or from cuttings (clones). Starting from cuttings is feasible because they will keep growing without blooming as long as they aren’t often subjected to prolonged, intense darkness. Cuttings from a plant that is actively growing vegetatively will likewise be actively growing vegetatively and can be kept under growth lighting until they sprout new plants.

However, cannabis plants that are auto-flowering have cuttings that are the same age as the plant from which they were taken. Any cuttings will flower at or close to the same time as the donor mother plant because auto-flowering cannabis plants flower according to chronological age rather than exposure to lengthy dark periods. Because of this, cuttings cannot be used to grow auto-flowering cannabis plants; only seeds may.

The potential yield of an auto-flower is greatly influenced by genetics

The short, lanky, quick-flowering, low-THC Cannabis ruderalis variety, which is endemic to Russia and Eastern Europe, was found to possess the auto-flowering property. The auto-flowering characteristic is typically regarded as the most (if not the only) beneficial trait among the several traits present in C. ruderalis. Modern auto-flowers have come a long way from the first ones that were purposely cultivated outside of their natural habitat. Even today, it is still possible to find seeds from some of the older, more rugged plants that don’t yield as much or with the same quality as other, more modern lines. If a large crop is wanted, start with high-quality auto seeds.

Future seed sales are encouraged by feminized auto-flower seeds

Plants grown from feminized seeds are female. The best plants are usually chosen among the ones that are produced to serve as mother plants when cultivating non-auto-flowering feminized seeds. This makes it possible to take as many cuttings as needed for different plants, and a mother plant can be kept under growth lighting for as long as needed while the flowers on her clones develop. A single seed purchase can last virtually forever if this procedure is repeated as often as required.

Purchasing seeds, cultivating the female plants that emerge, and then harvesting them are all possible methods for growing feminized auto-flower seeds. Since seeds cannot be produced without pollen from male flowers, cuttings cannot be collected and kept, and there are no seeds, new seeds must be obtained for the following cycle.

By forgoing gendered seeds and sacrificing a few plants (at least one male and one female; ideally in separate locations) to create their own seeds, many auto-flower farmers can save a sizable sum of money. Otherwise, plan for the recurring costs of repeatedly purchasing seeds.

Cannabis plants that autoflower are time-sensitive

Cannabis plants that aren’t auto-flowering have the option of being able to prolong the growing phase for however long they choose before altering the illumination to start flowering. The growing time can be extended until the plants attain the appropriate size if, for some reason, they aren’t when they are planted.

Contrarily, regardless of size, auto-flowering cannabis plants will blossom at a specific age. This implies that in bad circumstances, even if the plant is just a few inches tall, it will still flower once it is old enough, producing a meagre crop. If at all feasible, shock and other time-delaying events should be avoided for auto-flowers to produce well. Autoflowers shouldn’t be transplanted more frequently than is absolutely necessary because transplant shock is a common delay (only once from the starter pot to the final container is common).

Plants that receive growth illumination will bloom

Cannabis plants that are not auto-flowering are kept under light with short dark periods to stop them from flowering. Cannabis plants that are auto-flowering will bloom in any lighting conditions. This means auto-flowering cannabis can be grown in more room in a non-auto-flowering growth area. When establishing a continuous harvest program, where the goal is to harvest tiny amounts frequently to be more in line with a gardener’s own usage, can be quite helpful.


There you have it! Our top tips to know before growing your own auto-flowering cannabis. Do you have any others? Let us know in the comments below!

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