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What does curing weed mean? You’ll find out soon enough!

Have you ever heard of the term ‘curing’ weed? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place! Curing marijuana buds is the process of removing bacteria for long-term storage. Needless to say, this process happens to be one of the most important steps after harvesting and trimming the leaves off the stem. However, patience is key here.

If done right, drying, and curing cannabis can not only increase potency but will also reduce the chances of mould and/or bacteria growing on marijuana buds. We’re here to tell you what happens from start to finish when curing marijuana buds.

What does weed curing do?

For starters, drying and curing help with improving the taste and smoothness of cannabis since it brings out the potency of the strain. Think of the process as fine wine – the curing process can greatly affect the quality and the effects that a strain might have on someone. This is why you should keep an eye on how cultivators are curing their cannabis buds!

drying and curing helps with improving taste and smoothness of cannabis How to cure Marijuana to have the best buds
Drying and curing help with improving the taste and smoothness of cannabis

During the curing process, the cultivator will store and adjust the humidity/temperature, permitting airflow into the product in a controlled environment.

How long is the process of curing weed?

The process of drying marijuana can take from a few days to over a week. In turn, the process of curing weed buds can take from two weeks to sixteen weeks. This is why we told you that patience is key!

Countless hours are spent from start to finish when cultivating the perfectly dried cannabis so be patient with your local cultivators!

Humid conditions

The process of curing should be done in a designated clean room in which you can control the environment. The room also should be well-ventilated. The highest quality buds are achieved when the room temperature is set between 70℉ and 21℃ with a humidity level of 45-65%. These conditions will prevent overdrying and decay which, in turn, helps to avoid mould growth.

When drying, your buds are bound to righten up since water is evaporating. Approximately 100 lbs wet weight of marijuana can translate into 25-35 lbs of dry cannabis.

The Dark Room

Avoiding light exposure is key for the curing process How to cure Marijuana to have the best buds
Avoiding light exposure is key for the curing process

The darker the room, the better. Avoiding light exposure is key for the curing process and containers should be stored in a dark setting. This is because heat and UV lighting can cause the degradation of valuable weed molecules and terpenes.

Drying your buds

Use curing jars, like mason jars or miron glass jars, as your medium as this is the best way to cure marijuana and still avoid light and heat exposure.

Watering cures dry buds

Curing is an easy process if the cultivator has started with properly dried buds in the first place. If the batch is too wet before the curing starts, the buds will clump together, and mould will occur.

Increasing moisture will also encourage bacteria to form and break down the cannabis batch. You can tell that this is happening if you smell an odour of ammonia coming from the jars when you open them.

you can water cure dry marijuana buds How to cure Marijuana to have the best buds
You can water-cure dry marijuana buds

On the other hand, if you cure buds that are too dry, you will end up with a crumbly and harsh batch that isn’t nice to smoke. This means that you can water-cure dry buds, but only with particular care and attention to detail.


The best way to dry and cure buds are to avoid more contamination in your controlled environment, have the proper equipment to cure, and have enough ventilation.

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