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Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity as a result of its numerous health advantages and non-intoxicating qualities (most CBD products contain less than 0.3 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol or THC). As research on CBD’s usefulness, particularly for pain management, advances, more people are incorporating it into their daily wellness routines.

How much CBD dosage should I take?

Cannabidiol is available in a variety of forms, including oils, gummies, vapes, and pills. However, determining a safe and effective CBD dose for an individual is a difficult task.

Choosing the Right CBD Dosage for You

Determining your appropriate dosage should be done in consultation with a doctor who has experience with Cannabidiol administration.

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Half a CBD gummy or a drop of oil could be your starting point

CBD dosage is measured in milligrams (mg) and is determined by your individual endocannabinoid system, which is linked to motor control, behaviour, emotions, the neurological system, and homeostasis. Cannabidiol dosage is still under investigation; more large, high-quality studies in various groups are needed to define acceptable dosing, efficacy, and safety guidelines.

‘Start small and progressively raise your dose until you achieve the desired impact,’ advises Cheryl Bugailiskis, M.D., a cannabis specialist at Heally, an alternative medicine telemedicine platform. Half a Cannabidiol gummy or a drop of oil could be your starting point. Ideally, you should go through this process with the help of a trained physician.

How to Work Out Your CBD Dosage

Some CBD candies, capsules, and tablets specify the amount of Cannabidiol in a single serving. For example, the packaging on a container of CBD capsules may state that each capsule contains 5 milligrams of CBD.

CBD oil will almost certainly come in a dropper container. The amount of Cannabidiol in a single drop may be specified on the container. From there, you can calculate how many droplets you’ll need.

Because the package states the overall quantity of CBD in the entire bottle, but not the amount that will be in a single drop, it can be difficult to figure out how much Cannabidiol is in one drop.

0.05 millilitres equals one drop (mL). That is a single drop, not a full dropper.

This translates to 200 drops in a 10-mL bottle of CBD oil. If the 10-mL bottle’s packaging states that it contains 1,000 mg of Cannabidiol, each drop will contain roughly 5 milligrams of CBD.

So four drops of that type of CBD oil will give you 20 milligrams of Cannabidiol.

Can you take too much CBD?

Continuous usage of CBD, even at high levels like 1,500 mg per day, is well tolerated by humans, according to a 2011 study on the safety and negative effects of Cannabidiol. 

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CBD has a small number of documented adverse effects.

However, a small study published in 2019 raised concerns regarding CBD’s potential for liver harm and interactions with other drugs. If you’re currently taking medication and want to try Cannabidiol, you should speak with your doctor first.

Cannabidiol has a small number of documented adverse effects. However, adverse symptoms such as diarrhoea, appetite changes, and weariness may occur.

CBD health benefits 

Cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive, so it won’t make you feel “high.” Instead, evidence suggests that it could be beneficial:

Is CBD legal in Malta? 

CBD oil in Malta has been legalised with the new cannabis law in the country. This means that it is perfectly legal to buy Cannabidiol products online and in stores like dietary supplements, bath products, food and drinks. 

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In the end, not all supplements are made equally, which is why it’s crucial to collaborate with a healthcare professional when incorporating CBD into your wellness routine and do your research on trustworthy companies. Furthermore, additional sizable, randomized-controlled trials are required to better understand the advantages of CBD and its dosage, even though recent research and anecdotal findings are encouraging.

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