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Seed Germination Guide

The process by which a seed sprouts and begins its growth journey into a new plant is known as seed germination. Often known as “popping,” germination is the first step in commencing your weed growth. 

Water, air, and heat are needed for marijuana seeds to germinate. There are a variety of ways to germinate seeds, however, the most frequent and most straightforward approach requires the following items:

  • A set of two clean plates
  • Paper towels (four)
  • Seeds
  • Water that has been distilled

Step 1 – Place seed on a paper towel and spritz with room temperature water inside a container.

Place your cannabis seeds between two plates, on a paper towel, or inside a plastic container. This container must be dark, warm, and humid at all times. Using warm water, spritz the napkin and cover it with a lid or plate. Place your container in a warm location and forget about it.

Step 2 – Every several hours, open the container and shower the seed with water until it opens.

Every few hours, open the container and spritz it with water. Your seed will not grow if the napkins are allowed to dry out. The napkin should be damp but not soaked. As soon as you observe the seed opening, get your next growing medium ready.

Step 3 – Plant the seed in a tiny cup, jiffy, or plug once it has opened and shown tap root.

A little to plant Cannabis seed in a cup |
A little pot with soil to plant a cannabis/weed seeds

It’s time to plant the seed in its next growing medium (soil, coco, peat) in a little cup, jiffy, or plug when the seed opens up and shows the first white tap root.

Be certain that the seeds are in a warm environment, between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Once a day, check the paper towels to see whether they’re still wet and if they’re not, add additional water to keep the seeds happy. While some seeds germinate quickly, others might take longer. However, seeds should sprout at an average of  3-10 days. If a seed hasn’t sprouted after two weeks, it’s probably a goner and it will not sprout.

When a seed splits and a single sprout emerges, it means that it has germinated. The sprout is the taproot, which will eventually become the plant’s main stem, and its presence indicates successful germination.

A Few Seed Germination Tips

Put your seeds in a sealed plastic bag and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to plant them. This simulates the transition from winter to spring when cannabis plants often sprout and germinate.

Soak your seeds for 12 hours in a glass of clean water at room temperature (20-25° C). To avoid mishaps, keep it in a warm place and signal it (like drinking the water or throwing them out).

Soaking your seeds in a glass of water for more than 24 hours deprives them of oxygen, causing them to drown and possibly not sprout. A seed that sinks after 12 hours is likely viable and germination-friendly. If it floats, touch it; it will almost certainly sink. Seeds that float after 12 hours, on the other hand, are unlikely to grow soon.

Get a water sprayer and make a note to sprinkle your developing seeds on a regular basis. A dry napkin can also injure a newly grown tap root, killing your plants before they ever get started.


It’s critical to keep note of germination dates and stage changes throughout your growth. Remember to keep watch on your germinating seeds! They’ll grow a lengthy taproot if you leave them in the container too long without planting them, but they’ll die without correct growing circumstances. Make a to-do list and set reminders.

For a full growing guide, check out our 420 guide here.

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