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Are you a novice cannabis grower? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned grower looking for new genetics. Here, we offer three key groups to concentrate on while hunting for a new strain. Then, we go into further detail about the weed strains ideal for various occasions, such as wakes and bakes, parties, and quiet nights at home.

You know how perplexing things can become if you have looked around for cannabis seeds. Regardless of where you are in your cannabis growing experience, use the guide below to simplify identifying your favourite strains. And, don’t forget to check out our Black Friday sale that is coming up soon at It’s going to be a good one!

Understanding Cannabis Strains

There are countless varieties of cannabis. Some of them are calming, while others are stimulating. While a lot of strains have sweet flavours like fruit and candy, a sizable portion also have more earthy and flowery flavours. Then there are strains that are highly productive and reach a height of 3m or less, as well as those that are small enough to grow inside a cupboard. You must take your preferences, circumstances, and needs into account in order to make selecting cannabis strains an easy procedure.

Selection of Cannabis Seeds: Tasting, Aroma, and Effects

Every cannabis kind has a variety of distinctive characteristics. When beginning your search, it is advised to maintain a broad perspective. The most crucial three factors are taste, scent, and effects. When you select a cultivar that meets every one of these requirements, the others, such as size and yield, will be simple to arrange.


The flavour of a particular batch of buds has a significant impact on how much you’ll enjoy it, making it one of the most crucial characteristics of any strain. Even if you adore a specific strain’s benefits, it’s doubtful that you’ll enjoy the overall experience if you don’t appreciate the flavour.

Cannabis flowers are rich in phytochemical complexity, and a particular group of chemicals known as terpenes are what give each hit of marijuana its distinct flavour. These aromatic hydrocarbons, which are present in all of nature, are what give citrus peels their distinct flavours as well as the distinctive flavours of other herbs and spices.

When purchasing seeds, pay particular attention to the terpene profile of each strain. Look for high concentrations of caryophyllene if you enjoy a spicy and savoury flavour. Maybe you like notes that are earthy and fresh. If so, keep an eye out for myrcene and pinene. Many users favour cannabis strains that are sweet and fruity and are high in terpenes like limonene and linalool.

You may get a good idea of how a strain will taste by keeping these terpenes in mind. But when you’ve focused your search, you’ll want to be more exact. Although most strains contain significant amounts of a certain terpene, each one contains a special combination of dozens of these flavour compounds. To give you a sense of the distinct flavours each strain offers:

  • Fruit Spirit: Blueberry, fruit, earth 
  • Gree Gelato: Mint, vanilla, citrus 
  • Chocolate Haze: Chocolate, sugar, earth 
  • Bubblegum XL: Candy, sweetness, sugar


The second important tenet of choosing a cannabis strain is the aroma. Terpenes also contribute to a cultivar’s aroma, but their aroma and flavour vary slightly. In other words, the flavour of fresh or dried cannabis flowers is not entirely determined by their strong aroma.

Why? Terpenes are, in fact, volatile chemicals. They undergo a structural change when exposed to a flame. The nerves in the tongue and nose are also differently stimulated.

It’s crucial to like the aroma of the plant you cultivate. Not just because you and your buddies will be smoking it for the next month, but also because during the blossoming period, your grow tent and garden will quickly become overrun by pungent terpenes.

Modern gardeners are fortunate to have technology on their side. Terpenes are effectively eliminated from the air by carbon scrubbers and extractor fans. Some do, however, nevertheless succeed.


Every cannabis user should carefully analyse a strain’s effects before purchasing and sowing seeds as it is the third and most crucial aspect of strain selection for many users.

Each strain has unique effects, just like how they all smell and taste differently. Although the majority of strains contain a lot of THC, CBD, or both, they can still cause a wide range of feelings. Every high is built on cannabinoids, but terpenes also contribute special and potent effects of their own. For instance, the terpene myrcene, which is frequently connected to indica genetics, adds a stoning sensation to the mix. Limonene, on the other hand, produces a cerebral and energising high that is frequently associated with Sativa genetics.

Different cannabis chemical compositions are better suited for various situations. Some are wonderful for getting your day started, some are perfect right before bed, and others energize you in social settings.

See below for a list of the ideal strains for each situation.


Similar to how cannabis may either wake you up or put you to sleep, it has two different effects on socialising. Some can really encourage you to open up, while others can make you more reclusive and introverted. Fill up a bowl of Euphoria before going to a party for a warm, comforting sensation that will improve interactions with both friends and strangers. This amiable variety contains the same amount of THC and CBD. While CBD soothes any jittery symptoms, the psychoactive cannabinoid makes the mind chatty and bouncy.

Sleeping & Relaxing

You should occasionally treat yourself to some relaxation by putting your feet up, relaxing, and doing nothing. Life can become hectic, and if we’re not careful, we might find ourselves engulfed in stress. The correct cannabis varieties might give us a sense of stability and peace. Northern Light buds are best here. Set up a hammock whenever you feel like unwinding and feel like the weight of the entire world is lifted off of your shoulders, blaze up and feel your muscles melt.


Cannabis can improve the creative process, whether you want to spend the afternoon writing, painting, or making music. With the aid of the herb, enter deeper flow states and immerse yourself in moments of joyful creativity.

Before stepping into the creative zone, Chocolate Haze never fails to hit the mark. This delectable strain uses its 20% THC content and sweet, sugary terpenes to propel the mind into a state of concentration, drive, and prodigious creativity.


The experience ultimately prevails over browsing. You need to use your favourite strains personally to properly understand them. You may get started in the correct direction by using the above advice and ideas. If you’re unable to decide between three or four, grow them all and give them all a shot!

The genetic variety of cannabis keeps growing. There are already many strains with high levels of CBD, and other cannabinoids are beginning to be sold. Even if you already have a few favourite strains, there’s a good chance you’ll continue to add to your collection throughout the years.

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