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Up to Seven Grams Allowance and Cannabis Associations Allowed

Marijuana smokers rejoice! There’s more new news for you today! Reforms Minister, Owen Bonnici, announced new cannabis laws this morning in a press conference about the reform. Among other revelations, marijuana smokers will be able to carry up to seven grams of weed on them and grow up to four plants in their own home under these new laws.

Marijuana smokers will be able to carry up to 7 grams

The minister tabled a Bill on Monday to amend Malta’s drug laws, as part of the promised reform on cannabis laws for recreational use. During the press conference, Bonnici insisted that these new laws are not there to incentivise the use or misuse of marijuana consumption. On the contrary, the laws are targeted mainly at eliminating and confronting the black market.

What’s new on the cannabis possession and cultivation front?

Possession and cultivation
  • Persons over the age of 18 can be in possession of up to seven grams of marijuana without being charged in court or face proceedings before a justice commissioner. However, if the person is under the legal age, they will face proceedings before a justice commissioner and be given a care plan.
  • Persons in possession of over seven grams of marijuana to 28 grams will be fined between €50 and €100, as well as face proceedings before a justice commissioner.
  • The cultivating of four marijuana plants will be allowed per household, so long as they are hidden and out of sight.
  • Smoking marijuana in public will remain illegal and subject to a fine. Smoking around minors (irrespective of being in public or private) is illegal and subject to a fine of up to €500.
  • Fines of unauthorised use of marijuana can be payable online.
  • Persons growing cannabis at home can store up to 50 grams of the dried marijuana plant.
  • The Responsible Cannabis Use Authority will be set up to educate and regulate the sector.

What’s New on the Cannabis Associations Front

Malta Cannabis Association
  • Cannabis associations set up to distribute marijuana among their members will be allowed in the community.
  • Up to seven grams of marijuana can be distributed to each member of the association, at one go, and up to 50 grams monthly.
  • The association can also distribute up to 20 marijuana seeds to each member of the organisation but cannot give out more than 500 grams of the plant at any given time.
  • A cannabis association cannot be located within 250 metres of any school.
  • The organisation will have to be registered and authorised by the Responsible Cannabis Use Authority. The Authority will have the right to perform spot-checks on the premises.
  • Cannabis associations will need to disclose the number of their members that they are catering for, every three months. They do not have to disclose names.
  • Owners of these associations cannot be legal persons and/or legal entities.

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