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Are your leaves turning light green? Here’s what you need to do ASAP!

However, there are a few tricks to growing cannabis plants the right way. One of them is knowing when they need some TLC, and the answer will be right in the leaves.

Here is what you need to do when you realise that your cannabis leaves or plants are turning light green!

Your PH Balance Might be Off in Your Cannabis Leaves

Notice your cannabis leaves turning light green Cannabis Leaves: Best Way To Check Plant's Colour
Notice your cannabis leaves turning light green

If you are noticing that your cannabis leaves are turning light green, then chances are that they are starting to wilt, curl, or even spot too. This can happen for many reasons, however, the root of the problem might be in your soil PH.

If the PH near your plant’s roots is too low or too high, you will see light green leaves starting to emerge. Sometimes, it is difficult for your plant to absorb all the nutrients if its PH level is not quite right. This might result in nutrient deficiency, even if the nutrients are very close to its roots.

Other symptoms of incorrect PH levels include stripes, spots, patches and burning near the edge of your leaves.

Bad Watering Habits for Cannabis Leaves

Fun fact: it is more common for people to over-water than to under-water their cannabis plants. Regardless of which habit, the result is similar. Learning how to water your plants is key.

Overwatering can make the plant develop root rot Cannabis Leaves: Best Way To Check Plant's Colour
Overwatering can make the cannabis plant develop root rot

Overwatering can make the plant develop root rot. This means that they cannot uptake water and the leaves will wilt and turn pale green. Underwatering will diminish the roots’ ability to uptake water since there is not enough water for the plant to absorb.

Here are the symptoms of poor watering practices:

  • Yellow or light green leaves
  • Droopiness in the leaves
  • Thin leaves
  • A rotten scent coming from the soil
  • Dropping in leaves

Smaller plants tend to be overwatered while larger plants tend to be underwatered quite easily. Most commonly, these practices are not about the amount of water you give to your plant. It is about the frequency of watering. The soil needs time to dry so that the macropores in the soil can fill up with oxygen. Without oxygen, bacteria and fungi will thrive and they will release toxic compounds that will eat your roots.

Make sure that you invest in a good growing medium and it is important to make sure that the plants are in the correct sized containers for their size.

Nitrogen Deficiencies in Cannabis Leaves

Nitrogen deficiencies might also be the cause of your pale green leaves. Other symptoms might include:

  • Sickly leaves near the bottom of the plant.
  • Soft yellow leaves that are easy to pull.
  • Leaves that keep falling on their own.

Your cannabis plant might be using up its nutrients faster than you think. This might also happen if you are not giving your plants any additional nutrients.

You can fix this issue easily by giving your plant a regular dose of nutrients. You might also want to consider repotting if you feel that the plant needs more space to grow.

Harsh Lighting

Your plant might be bleaching, meaning that it is receiving too much light. Light burns can be identified by light green leaves that will not pull out on their own, even if they are dead. This can take several weeks to develop, and light burns only impacts the top of your cannabis leaves and not the entire plant.

Keep an eye out for light green leaves Cannabis Leaves: Best Way To Check Plant's Colour
Keep an eye out for light green cannabis leaves

Light burns happen when your plants are too close to the light and even if your plants are receiving the right temperature, they will still be affected.

Remember, that some plants are more sensitive than others. To solve this problem, move your grow lights further away from your cannabis plant. You can also try to bend the affected plant, so it is more distanced from the light.


Keep an eye out for light green cannabis leaves so that you can identify the problem quickly and bring your plants back to life. Sometimes, all it takes are a few tweaks!

Keep checking out our blog for more tips and updates on cannabis plants! 

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