Pack of 5 x 33 sleeves- organic, ultra thin King Size papers

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Rolling Papers


5 packets – Roll Seda Eco Papers King Size Organic  

Pack of 5 x 33 sleeves- organic, ultra-thin King Size papers. As you already know, Roll Seda is eco-friendly. Our material is 100% organic and free of additives that can damage your health. Eco Tips can be used without fear. Join us for a more sustainable world.

Always thinking about a greener world, EcoTips improve your experience so that you can best enjoy your green choice. Roll Seda Organic King Size Papers too. Roll Seda makes a point of being an environmentally friendly company and aware of its responsibility for the sustainable development of our planet. All stages of the manufacturing process of our products comply with strict international quality controls, which confirm it as a 100% organic product.

Roll Seda Organic King Size Papers requires a series of sustainable and organic practices from its raw material suppliers so that the end consumer has the most natural product possible. The use of wood from planted forests is one of these practices that we require. Our products are made 100% via the raw material of planted forests in order to guarantee the preservation of the region’s natural ecosystem and avoid illegal deforestation without governmental control. The sustainability of our products is also understood as a socio-environmental return for the region that manufactures each stage of the product.

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