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Is your weed running out faster than you would like it to? Then, it’s time to take stock, assess your options, and figure out the best way forward for your cannabis needs. There are a few things that you can do to deal with a low supply of cannabis. In this article, we will divulge everything that you need to know about making the most of your weed.  

Grow your own weed

Grow your own weed How to make your weed last longer
Don’t be dependent on others – take control of your own weed

The best way to avoid a crisis…grow your own! In Malta, it is now legal to grow your own cannabis, as long as you’re doing it in the privacy of your own home and you’re growing up to four plants. A few high-yielding plants can produce enough buds to tide you over until the next crop. Don’t be dependent on others – take control of your own weed! This is also the number one way to ensure that your stock remains full. 

Quality over Quantity 

When it comes to cannabis, quality is quantity. In fact, one gram of 20% THC weed will go as far as one gram of 10% THC weed. Investing in good-quality weed will be worth your while since it will last longer than poor-quality weed. You will need to hold yourself accountable since high-quality cannabis will be easier to smoke regularly than low ones. Self-control is key if you want to make your weed last longer. 

Always have a secret stash 

Always have a secret weed stash How to make your weed last longer
Always store some backup weed

Treat this as your emergency stash – like money you have saved up to travel. Pick a place that you won’t come across often and store some backup weed here. Pretend it doesn’t exist but if the dreaded day comes, you know that you can rediscover this hidden stash and thank yourself for being this thoughtful. 

Properly store your buds 

Storing your weed properly has many benefits. Firstly, it will retain its strength for longer, meaning that you will smoke less with the same effects. By properly storing your weed, you will also reduce the danger of it going bad and moulding. Store your marijuana in a glass, airtight jar in a dark environment. 

Use a grinder with a kief 

Use a grinder How to make your weed last longer
Scrape it out, proportion it, and hit it in a bong

If you pay a little extra for a grinder with a kief, you will thank yourself later! When you’re running low on weed, a healthy dose of kief can keep you comfortably high. A little will go a long way here since this will be strong. Scrape it out, proportion it, and hit it in a bong. It will not last forever but it will keep you going for a while.

Efficient rolling 

Rolling weed How to make your weed last longer
Using a rolling tray will also minimise waste

This will optimise your cannabinoid intake. Rolling thinner joints with thinner papers means that they will burn slower. If you backroll your spliffs you will also minimise paper and allow them to burn as slowly as possible. Using a rolling tray will also minimise waste. 

Use different mediums 

Use different mediums How to make your weed last longer
Using a bong does not waste as much smoke

Using a bong, a vaporiser, or a glass pipe can make your weed last longer. Used properly, these mediums do not waste as much smoke, especially a vaporiser since they do not combust the material. You can also use your vaped weed and bake it into edibles to further minimise wastage. 

Get cooking 

When you ingest THC the compound is more potent and it is more long-lasting than smoking THC. If you cook your cannabis, you are making it stronger. The effects will not be the same as smoking but you will definitely get high. To cook weed, you do not have to use the highest-quality buds either. The end result will be potent and delicious nonetheless. 

Smoke efficiently Blog Images 1 How to make your weed last longer
The most efficient way to smoke is to take small hits

Make sure that you’re sipping not gulping! Take small hits – your lungs will not be able to process everything that goes into them anyway, even if you’re holding your hits. The most efficient way to smoke is to take small hits as this will maximise the amount of THC that makes it into your lungs and into your brain. Slow and steady will surely win the race. 

Take a break 

Taking a break will increase your sensitivity to cannabis which will make your weed last longer. Plan your tolerance breaks and don’t wait till you run out of cannabis. Every few weeks, make a plan to take a few days off to give your brain a reset. It will make the high better but also clear your head too. 


As apparent as it may seem, cutting back on your smoking frequency can often be the best way to conserve cannabis. In the same way that someone could enjoy a drink with supper after work, try to utilize cannabis as a reward at the end of your day. You’ll realize that you’re saving a lot of marijuana.

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