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Valentine’s Day is a special time of year to celebrate love. What better way to enhance your Valentine’s day than with some cannabis? Picking out the right strain can help set the tone for an amazing evening. 

Here are 5 of the top cannabis strains that are sure to get you and your special someone in the mood for love! 
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Pineapple Express

This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is one of the most popular strains around, and it’s easy to see why. It has a sweet, tropical flavour reminiscent of pineapple and mango and offers an energising high that will make you feel uplifted and happy without being too overwhelming. This strain is perfect for getting out of your head and into your heart on Valentine’s Day.

Girl Scout Cookies

This flavourful Indica-dominant hybrid has notes of sweet nuttiness, spices, and herbs. The effects are strong yet balanced so you don’t have to worry about getting too stoned. Girl Scout Cookies will give you a euphoric high that will help you relax while still feeling creative, social, and energised enough to have a good time with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Blueberry Auto

Blueberry Auto cannabis seeds are the perfect way to make Valentine’s Day even more special. These beautiful and aromatic auto flowers have a delicious sweet taste and energetic high, making them a great way to get in the mood for celebrating the day of love!

OG Kush Auto

OG Kush cannabis seeds are perfect for those looking to take their Valentine’s Day celebration to the next level. These unique and powerful auto flowers pack a punch of flavour, producing an uplifting and euphoric high that will instantly get you in the mood for celebrating this special day. A delicious blend of sweet and spicy flavours that will linger long after your smoke session ends, making it the perfect way to show your love this Valentine’s Day!

Blue Dream

A classic sativa-dominant hybrid known for its sweet berry aroma and energising effects, Blue Dream is ideal for couples looking to enjoy each other’s company without feeling overwhelmed or tired from their weed experience. Its dreamy effects will help create an atmosphere perfect for romance on Valentine’s Day!


Whether you’re looking for something more mellow or something more upbeat, these 5 cannabis strains should be able to provide just what you need this Valentine’s Day! With these top picks, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable evening filled with love, laughter, and quality time spent with your special someone! 

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day

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Clarice Lispector’s Ghost

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