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Is cannabis bad for your skin health? Does it cause acne? We’re here to let you know…

Having healthy skin is on top of everyone’s list. Most people are constantly searching for the best skincare products and/or new ways to improve their skin conditions, fight off signs of aging, and make sure that their skin is looking its best. However, apart from using specific products that are compatible with your skin, it is proven that lifestyle habits also have an impact on your skin health.

For example, smoking traditional cigarettes may be a trigger for some people, and it might cause skin health problems. What about cannabis? How does smoking weed affect your skin health? In this article, you will find out all that you need to know about the connection between cannabis and your skin.

Is Cannabis bad for your skin?

A lot has been said about cannabis and its relationship to skin problems including acne and conditions like psoriasis. However, there are no proven studies yet to show that these conditions are, in fact, due to cannabis.

Can Cannabis be bad for your skin Cannabis and Your Skin…What’s the positive best connection?
Can cannabis give you skin problems?

What we know for sure is that cannabis is different to traditional cigarettes, in the way that it does not contain the number of harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain.

The way you consume cannabis matters

Your delivery method matters when it comes to consuming cannabis and the way it affects your skin. If you are simply eating edibles, you do not have to worry about your skin health. The same if this is simply creams or tinctures. This is because vaping and edibles are ingested in a different method.

Smoking Weed Cannabis and Your Skin…What’s the positive best connection?
Smoking Cannabis instead of consuming edibles can cause serious harm to your health

The big question mark lies when smoking weed. It is not the plant itself that causes the problem. It is actually heating up the leaves, which releases free radicals, that might damage the DNA of your skin. When you take your first hit, marijuana constricts your blood vessels and decreases your blood flow instantly, which deprives your skin of oxygen. This deprivation is what causes skin problems. This means that the same applies to smoking anything under the sun, from cigarette to other herbs like lavender.

This oxygen deprivation from your skin causes your skin to age faster. The smoke produced by this process also damages your collagen production. Collagen is needed for your skin structure, to fight off inflammation and to protect against air pollution. If collagen is damaged, your skin will age faster since elasticity is reduced.

The bottom line is – weed, specifically does not harm your skin. Any type of smoke is bad for your skin health.


There is no concrete evidence that smoking weed can make acne worse. However, things might get a little bit complicated here. It is not actually the marijuana that exacerbates acne, but the consistent munching.

Weed and acne Cannabis and Your Skin…What’s the positive best connection?
Cannabis and Your Skin…What’s the positive best connection? 1

On the market, there are several cannabis-infused skin care products since CBD in marijuana contains antioxidants which can decrease the signs of ageing. It can also reduce inflammation, discolouration, and dullness in the skin.

Weed will not cause breakouts but, snacking on sugary snacks after you get high, will!

Pre-Existing Skin Conditions

While smoke is linked to worsening conditions like psoriasis and rosacea, the compounds in cannabis can be helpful when it comes to limiting inflammation caused by them. Recent studies have shown that cannabis can reduce the growth rate of psoriasis. Eczema is also similar in this regard.

All in all, weed can regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.


Exposure to smoke can damage the blood vessels in your skin, preventing nutrients in the blood from getting to your skin cells which might result in faster ageing.

If you are concerned about ageing faster, try consuming cannabis in other ways such as using a water bong, using vaporisers, and eating edibles.

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