• Material:Aluminium
  • Colour:black
  • Print:BL Logo
  • Setup:4-part
  • Diameter:49/47mm
  • Height:36mm
  • System:Diamond-cut Teeth
  • Supplies:Scaper
  • Info:Spare Part 501009
Sold By: St Owned



Black Leaf Grinder (Black) 4 part

The four part Black Leaf® aluminium grinder with diamond-shape grinding teeth and screen has a bottom chamber with rounded corners including scraper. The lid is held reliably with a magnet. The nylon o-ring ensures abrasion-free grinding.  The Black Leaf 4 part Grinder premium set consists of grinder with lid, pollen compartment and scraper for scraping for unique grind experiences in no time at all. Thanks to the highly sharpened grinder teeth, grinding spice, herbs, spices, coffee etc. is no longer a problem; for the perfect end product without sticking.

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