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If this is your first time using marijuana/cannabis, you may have already read thousands of articles about it. The most typical queries are as follows:

  • What Sensation do you have?
  • What happens when you breathe in?
  • How do you intend to get high?

In actuality, no two people have the same experience, and that is what makes it so beautiful. Cannabis has varying effects on different people, and for some first-time users, it has no effect at all. That is both entirely normal and very typical. Some people might start tripping entirely stoned, while others might become dizzy. You might feel like eating, or you might nod off. It depends on the strain, how much you consume, and how you’re feeling.

We have you covered if this is your first time using marijuana. This guide describes what to expect and offers advice on how to enjoy the experience.

5 Essential Advice for New Cannabis Smokers

What Is the Experience Like of Smoking Weed For the First Time?

Who you ask and how much you utilise are both factors. When getting high for the first time, using too much cannabis may cause anxiety and panic.

It’s okay if some users don’t get any intoxicating high. It’s possible that you didn’t take any in, or you only took in a minimal amount. Nevertheless, you can gain knowledge from the experience. Others report that exhilaration is their primary high-related sensation. They experience joy, elation, and a tiny jolt of energy. The possibilities are boundless, and the world is full of wonder.

It’s also possible that once the munchies set in, you’ll feel incredibly hungry. In contrast, you can experience confusion, sadness, or worry. Until someone uses cannabis, they can’t fully predict how it will impact them. We can tell you that more people had positive experiences than negative ones. If not, marijuana wouldn’t be the most widely used illicit substance in the world!

First Time Weed Smoking advice

It’s important to take note of the THC content of the strain you’re using before you start smoking. When trying it for the first time, we advise smoking with a moderate THC content. To lessen the intensity of the intoxication you experience, the strain should ideally also contain some CBD.

Some websites advise starting with 10mg of THC, however, that amount is just too high for total beginners. If you want to be safe, try to maintain your dose at 2.5mg or below. Also, rather than taking another hit if you feel a little buzzed after the first one, just relax and enjoy the moment. Always keep in mind that a little bit can go a very long way.

By staying within your comfort zone, the experience will be much more enjoyable. Let’s look at five excellent suggestions you should think about if this is your first time smoking marijuana.

Get Some Water in your System

One of the most frequent adverse effects of cannabis use is cottonmouth, often known as dry mouth. A bottle of water should be close by to help you rehydrate and keep your mouth moist.

Prehydrating before you start smoking is an even better idea. You should only smoke a small amount of marijuana because it will be your first time, rather than a lot. As a result, you won’t need to consume a lot of water before smoking one joint.

Cannabis-related cottonmouth is just transient and not a cause for concern. The primary psychoactive cannabinoid generated by the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It attaches to the submandibular glands’ cannabinoid receptors, which are responsible for secreting saliva into the mouth. THC turns off the signal that tells the body to produce saliva, which is how a dry mouth develops.

After the THC effects wear off in our bodies, everything goes back to normal and the side effect of cottonmouth goes away.

Avoid Smoking Alone

Avoid smoking cannabis alone but with friends is better
People smoking cannabis in groups together

It is not a good idea to experiment on your own with a chemical that alters your perception. You have no idea how marijuana will impact you because you have no past experience. It’s best to bring along a responsible person that you know and trust.

If you have a horrible event and feel overwhelmed by the consequences, they will support you in staying grounded. They may also be able to alert you when you’ve had enough so you don’t overdo it the first time.

You will feel much more at ease smoking a joint alone if you have more experience and are aware of your limitations. Along with all the practical and rational benefits of sharing a joint with pals, you can talk about how you’re feeling and they can express their feelings.

Make the most of your first marijuana experience as much as you can. It will be much more enjoyable if you can share the experience with a friend or several others.

Music is Beneficial

You need to be in the appropriate frame of mind to truly enjoy your marijuana. You will not have a pleasant experience if you nod off. If you’re too worried, you’re also unlikely to enjoy it. The goal is to unwind and take it all in. Go for it if there is a certain jive you enjoy listening to that can set the mood. Additionally, it will give your encounter a completely new depth.

Everyone is aware that music affects individuals emotionally. Pick some music that you like that will help set the mood for your first cannabis smoke. Choose lively, simple music to listen to. You might start singing along to whatever music is playing in the background after a few puffs. It will be more fun if there is music playing, especially if you are among excellent pals.

The AfterMath

The comedown is thankfully not as unpleasant as a bad hangover. Smoking is best done in the evening before you go to bed because you could feel a little tired afterwards. Do not worry if you feel overtired; this is a frequent occurrence and will pass.

Depending on how much you smoked the night before, having cottonmouth the next morning is possible occasionally. Pre-hydrating and drinking a lot of water in between puffs, as described above, will help decrease the cottonmouth impact.


Your first time smoking pot should be memorable for all the right reasons if you use the five suggestions above. Aim to make it as enjoyable, carefree, and lighthearted as you can. Be sensible, avoid overindulging, and of course, have fun.

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