All you need to know about Synthetic Marijuana use

Since the first products were released in 2002, synthetic cannabinoids, commonly known as synthetic marijuana or fake weed, have been utilised by many as an alternative to marijuana. They frequently assert that they are made of “natural” materials derived from a range of plants, despite the fact that these man-made items were developed in laboratories to aid researchers in their […]

The Best Benefits of Marijuana for the Community

Marijuana offers a wide range of benefits from growth, and medicine, to the economy Looking into the benefits of legalising marijuana around the world also leads to showing the benefits that cannabis has on the modern social and economic situation. Cannabis is a plant that is willing to aid everyone in the community. For starters, marijuana is a product that […]

Cannabis Plant: How Soon Can You Tell the Sex?

Male or Female…how can you tell? Discover how you can determine the good from the bad in your cannabis plants Plants can reproduce in multiple ways, but the most common method is sexual reproduction. Angiosperms are plants that reproduce sexually with seeds and, approximately 80% of green plants are angiosperms, including our beloved cannabis plants. Types of Cannabis Plants Hermaphrodite […]

Best Cannabis Plants: How can you Clone them?

Learn the how and the why of cloning your cannabis plants Firstly, let’s determine the definition of cloning. A clone is a cutting that is cut off a living weed plant, which will then grow into an actual plant itself. A close is made up of the same genetic makeup as the cannabis plant itself, which we will refer to […]

All You Need to Know about Cannabis Plant Growth

All you need to know about the stages of marijuana plant growth Cannabis plants evolve during different stages as they grow and mature and these growth stages require a specific method of care that might be different from the rest, including light, nutrients, and water. If you are planning on growing your own cannabis plants for recreational use, it is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Weed Indoors

Before you get your hands dirty, learn the correct way how to grow cannabis indoors. With Malta announcing its cannabis reformation laws, people on the Maltese Islands will soon have their own take on growing weed, specifically for their own recreational use. The cannabis plants will have to be grown in a space that is not visible to the public […]

Cannabis Users Stigma: How Malta is Willing to Change This

Stigmatisation from society and the measures that Malta is taking to minimise this. Cannabis is one of the world’s most commonly used recreational drugs. More and more countries and local governments have taken the step to legalise its use, both for medical and enjoyment purposes. However, cannabis users are still dealing, on a regular basis, a high level of stigmatisation […]

CBD Oil for Dogs – The Best Things You Need to Know

What is CBD oil and how can it help your dog with seizures and other medical issues? Man’s best friend deserves nothing but the best. There are a lot of theories, research and information floating around the internet about CBD oil for dogs. Of course, any dog owner has the right to research and feel well-informed on the matter before […]