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Blue, Natural Wood, Pink


Wise Skies Wooden Rolling Box

This hand crafted smoking box has a premium look and feel, the box is ideal for people who want to store and organise their stash in style. Crafted in high quality wood this box is unique and perfect for discreetly storing herbal blends.

This stylish wooden rolling box by Wise Skies is the perfect size for your coffee table, ideal for any smoking enthusiast who wants to keep all their smoking stash neat and tidy. The bright available colours give a high quality effect and create a stylish look to your rolling box.

Within the box you have a rolling tray where you can balance your rolling paper and fill and roll! This is even removable so you can take it with you on the go! The box has a metal lock clip at the front to stop the box opening if knocked.

The size of the box in this kit is approximately 220mm x 160mm x 65mm

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