This Package comes with everything you need. You will receive 1 x Wise Skies Grey  Bag & 6 Assorted Colour Doob Tubes. These are great to store on the go and carry around your unfinished rolls.

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Bags, Tubes and Filters


Wise Skies Grey Bag Smell Proof & 6 Assorted Colour Doob Tubes

This Package comes with everything you need and is ideal as a birthday present or even a treat for yourself. You will receive 1 x Wise Skies Grey Smell Proof Bag & 1 x Raw Black King Size Slim Rolling Paper & 1 x Wise Skies Unbleached Rolling Paper & 1 x Snoop Dogg Rolling Papers & 2 x Raw Tips.


Wise Skies Smell Proof Bag is made of Polyester-Cotton Fabric and lined with premium carbon and filtering non-woven fabric offering superior multi-purpose odour protection. The Smell proof bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting and preserving your coffee, teas, dried foods, herbs and spices


The Perfectly sized bag can fit inside any home and easy to carry on the go, fitting just the right amount of accessories inside. Having this beautiful crafted bag with you makes your personal belongs feel personal. Fits into any bag or briefcase, easy to carry on the go!


This bag is perfect for travel and for storing smelly spices, herbal medicine, food, supplements, dog treats or anything with a strong scent keeping it fresh and not allowing the odours to reach outside the bag. The odour blocking material can assure that no smells will be detected. Which makes the bag ideal for storing small smelly products such as beef jerky, medicinal herbs and simply anything you want to block the smell.


Every small detail put into this bag really shows off, With activated carbon lining to hold and protect all odours within the bag, effectively prevent unpleasant scent from getting out and support long time use. The smell proof bag is also moisture and tear resistant

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