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Smoking Rolling paper KS Organic

Smoking Rolling paper KS Organic donates a part of its turnover to Trees for the Future to contribute to its reforestation work. This way, with the purchase of any Smoking Organic product you will get involved in planting 50,000 trees every year.

Our most ecological and environmentally-friendly paper. Made from 100% BIO Certified hemp, grown ecologically, without pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. Unbleached paper with a natural colour. The TREE FREE seal certifies that no tree has been cut down to produce this Rolling Paper ks organic made completely with hemp pulp. An ulthra-thin 13 gr/m2, slow-burning Smoking® watermarked slim paper of 108 x 44 mm size and 33 leaves per booklet. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives, providing an optimum adherense in one go.

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