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Rembel are the first official Maltese themed rolling papers on the island! The quality of Rembel Papers is essential for any smoker who enjoys a smooth, longer smoke. Our booklet consists of x33 Black & Yellow coloured filters/tips and x33 slow-burning rice paper leaves with an “x” watermark that helps maintain the slow-burning experience. This Product is free from any chemicals, including our eco-friendly packaging, which is soy-ink based and recyclable. If you are looking for a tranquil & slow-burning smoke with a Maltese touch, Rembel will satisfy your needs!

  • Rembel King Size, Slim Rice Paper
  • 14gsm
  • 108mm*44mm
  • x33 leaves per booklet x33 Black& Yellow coloured tips/filters per booklet
  • “X” water mark for a smooth and even burn. Booklet weight 12g

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