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Nicotine Free Tobacco


Terpene Enriched – Terpenes allow improved flow of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies.

Nicotine-Free – Take out the nicotine (and 7,000+ other chemicals) from your joint and replace it with a herbal blend enriched with terpenes.

Stronger – The increased cannabinoid flow enables combining terpene-enriched Real Leaf blend with your favourite strain for enhanced results.

Better Taste – Real Leaf Terpenes redefine the flavour of tobacco substitutes – try for yourself!

This is Jack Herer Terpenes!
With a lineage that includes marijuana icon Jack Herer, and parent plants grown under the spotlight of Amsterdam’s famed cannabis clubs, Sensi Seeds created a strain they hope captures both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production in equal measures: Jack Herer.
Originating at time Sensi Seeds’ seedbank still had its origins in Amsterdam, Jack Herer spent several years traveling Europe before returning to Holland where it was bred by The Gorilla Growers (now known as The House of Blue), a popular cloning facility based out of Haarlem.
After being passed from one breeder to another, finally landing at the house of award – winning breeders Otto & George, this sativa-dominant offering made the international stage on behalf of Sensi Seeds in 2015. Combining Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds made sure every branch of Jack Herer’s genetics would contribute potent effects.
Jack Herer Terpenes is the result is an ode to height both mind and body (and body): cerebral elevation fueled by heavy resin production. Indeed, when trained properly, Jack Herer can leave even veteran growers grinning like school children while producing impressive yields indoors capable of yielding up to five ounces per plant outdoors.
Thanks to Jack Herer Terpenes your smoking times will be unforgettable.

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