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RAW Large Bundle Set

If you are looking for the right RAW bundle set to save up some more, well, you found the one! It includes everything you need, and more, all at a great bundle price 😀.
We’ve put together some of RAW’s most popular products with you in mind! All of our bundles are created based on the best and most trending products according to our customers.

The RAW Large Bundle Set is the definitive package, it contains everything a smoker needs.

What’s included

  • Metal medium tray 
  • Classic mat mini 
  • Mason jar 10ox
  • 5 KS Black
  • Roll
  • Pop-up tin 
  • Lanyard 
  • Pocket ashtray 
  • Keychain 
  • Prerolled tips bag 200
  • Tobacco pouch 
  • Huge 12inch 
  • Aluminium tube

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