The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is the answer to your smoking needs. It provides an effective way of inhaling smoke, while at the same time cooling it down.

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This hand-blown smoked borosilicate glass pipe by MARLEY NATURAL is a truly beautiful piece! A both durable and stylish spoon pipe, it effectively cools smoke while producing swirls. The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe rests gently on its wide bowl as if levitating, with plenty of volume for smoke to swirl and cool as each draw is cleared. The extra wide flower bowl of the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe allows smoke to swirl and cool within the glass before inhalation, while providing a sizeable bowl for group sessions. Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with awareness, authenticity, and a genuine respect for natures nourishing benefits. Our cannabis products and accessories are all responsibly sourced and integrity driven. Each of our offerings is a direct reflection of the Marley ethos that integrates natures goodness with a belief in the positive potential of herb. As agents of change, we promote positivity, connectivity, and personal transformation. And as believers in progress, we offer an exceptional lifestyle line that is inspired by Jamaica’s vibrant energy. We are proud to be the official Bob Marley cannabis brand.

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