• Size: 45x16mm
  • Quality: Unbleached
  • Other: Perforated
  • Info: PU 50 Tips
Sold By: St Owned

Tubes and Filters


THE BIGGER THE JOINT, THE BIGGER THE ADVENTURE. That’s the motto of the LION ROLLING CIRCUS. And enhances this adventure with the UNBLEACHED MINI TIPS. With 45x16mm, the mini tips are narrower than the regular filter tips of LION ROLLING CIRCUS.

  • Perforation for easy rolling
  • Unbleached paper
  • Booklets with motifs of the freaky circus ensemble

The LION ROLLING CIRCUS consists of Edgar Allan, Ruby, Sexy Sadie, Tora Tora, Silverfuck & Jellybelly, and Mr Trampoline. Behind each of these characters is a unique adventure in life – where is your journey going?

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