This CBD/CBN tincture is incredible, a truly potent formula,largely thanks to the nano-amplified cannabinoids! Instead of blending with heat, we use ultrasonic Nano technology for mixing. This means that the bioavailability is greatly improved due to the size of the CBD itself.

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Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived CBD CBN Tincture Oil with MCT

This CBD CBN tincture is incredible, a truly potent formula, largely thanks to the nano-amplified cannabinoids! Instead of blending with heat, we use ultrasonic Nano technology for mixing. This means that the bioavailability is greatly improved due to the size of the CBD itself.

Tincture Miligram To Dropper Chart

Tincture Potency CBD Dropper Amount MG Per Dropper Tincture Potency CBG Dropper Amount MG Per Dropper
2500 mg 1 Full Dropper 83.33 mg 750 mg 1 Full Dropper 25 mg
2500 mg 1/2 Full Dropper 41.665 mg 750 mg 1/2 Full Dropper 12.5 mg
2500 mg 1/4 Full Dropper 20.8325 mg 750 mg 1/4 Full Dropper 6.25 mg
2500 mg 1/8 Full Dropper 10.41625 mg 750 mg 1/8 Full Dropper 3.125 mg
2500 mg 1/16 Full Dropper 5.208125 mg 750 mg 1/16 Full Dropper 1.5625 mg

Pro-Tips For Getting Started With Our CBD/CBN Tinctures:

  • This nano-Amplified tincture is likely 2 times stronger than a competing brand’s CBD oil, as they likely do not utilize nanotechnology to make their oils not have to work so hard to get into your body, so if you’re used to taking a full dropper of a competitors CBD tincture blend, and that has been suiting you fairly well, start with half of that here and compare the experience. You may be surprised to find that Utoya will meet about the same experience or better at half the use of the tincture! If the competitor uses nano-technology (not impossible, just rare), this will be a great comparison opportunity for you, to see which blend suits you better!
  • Full-Spectrum CBD may contain trace amounts of up to but less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC along with trace amounts of other cannabinoids, which may include but are not limited to: CBG, CBGA, CBN, CBC, and others.
  • The presence of multiple cannabinoids helps to facilitate the entourage effect which is basically multiple cannabinoids and terpenes working synergistically to create experiences within the human body.
  • Low milligram CBD is often a waste of time and money. Why spend almost the same for less, when you typically could use more or better CBD oil and could get the most while ingesting less MCT oil, and getting more bang for your buck. Don’t get us wrong, MCT is an awesome carrier, but wouldn’t you rather be ingesting less MCT and getting more CBD out of the deal?
  • CBD is not reputed for producing intoxicating effects. You will not get high from utilizing CBD. You might feel a little more pleasant in general, but nothing that would have you distracted, disoriented, or feeling like you are not in control of what you do.
  • When taking large amounts of CBD, you may find yourself a little more chill than you anticipated, and you may feel like kicking back on the couch for a while. This typically happens around 50 mg – 100 mg for newer users of CBD. If you’re reading this after the fact and you’re trying to figure out how to overcome that experience, enjoy a little bit of fruit, maybe some orange juice, and get outside for a moment and get a little movement going. You’ll shake it off in no time, in fact, you might even feel like hitting the gym once you get into it! Others will have a good idea of their tolerance and will know the preferred amount they like to take.
  • Most new users of CBD will begin to notice it at around 10 mg – 30 mg of CBD, however, everyone is different. You may need more or less.
  • Height and weight will play very little to no factor in how CBD will feel for you. If you are new, start low and slow and find your comfort zone.

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