Made entirely with proprietary farming techniques. Uses only cultivated cannabis strains. Bottle contains 75 cl.
CBD 43.8ng/ml, CBDA 12ng/ml, THC 2.2ng/ml




CBD wine – Sacrum Merlot Chocolate Kush 2020 comes from the world-renowned QVEVRI system, which operates on a unique fermentation/skin-to-contact.

The red grape skin and positive energy of the grapes is directly exposed to the sun, giving them a direct path to delivering evocative physical transformation and spiritual transcendence.

This process was designed by the hand of god over thousands of years and has never been replicated or imitated. Consumed in its entirety, this product acts as an all – inclusive gateway with no negative side effects.

No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used in the vineyards at MARCASAR, and indigenous medicinal plants and afforestation are not used. A wide variety of natural ingredients complement the environment.

Temperature is what makes a CBD wine special. It also has a big impact during the process of fermentation. Key to using the qvevri ware is that it only varies a few degrees in winters and summers, which makes the wine better.

The size of a cork is 49 mils, an individually inspected material from two best Sardinian manufacturers. Labrenta produces cork under vacuum pressure, without nitrogen addition. No filtration occurs, and some deposit may occur when you drink your CBD wine.

In Wine culture, location is fundamental. MARCASAR Vineyards are the highest in Malta. 235 meters above sea level, 2 kilometers from Lapsi, Mediterranean sea.

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