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Cannabis cultivation is legal

Cannabis cultivation has been legalised, thank you ARUC Malta!

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But where do I begin?

There is a lot to know about cannabis cultivation, and there are risks involved.

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Responsible use of Cannabis

Now that we can enjoy the liberties of recreational use of cannabis, one needs to understand what this really means.

How many plants can I grow?

How many grams can I harvest?

How many grams can I leave the house with?

Can I smoke in public?

Can I share my cannabis with others?

How do I begin growing cannabis?

What are the risks of not growing cannabis the right way?

What is budrot?

These and so many other questions are good questions to ask and good questions to have answers to. provides a community for like minded people as well as information from consultations with ARUC (Authority for Responsible Use of Cannabis) where these questions and other learnings can be had, in order to reduce, as much risk as possible while enjoying recreational cannabis.

We have an active community on Telegram where you will feel at home, after all, our #1 value is: Be a nice Human!

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Already cultivated cannabis?

Make use of our industry leading Cannabis Testing Service to make sure that what you have grown is actually fit for purpose

How much CBD dosage should I

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choose nutrients for cannabis

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