• Our lollypops contain 70mg each and are packed with 3 in a bag
  • All three lollypops have different flavours and colours
  • You can use them at any time and any place


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Edibles and Beverages


HHC edibles lollies. Each contains 70mg HHC.

Our HHC edibles are made by hand in our little kitchen. All handcrafted to bring you the best experience. We have HHC muffins, HHC chocolate, HHC gummies, HHC lollypops (edibles lollies) and HHC fudge. All of these recepies have been created by us. To do so we had to test every product and every percentage untill we found the perfect balance and flavour. The edibles are very strong and made for experienced users. If you are a firsttimer please start with a half portion.

How to use:

We reccomend to take one and wait for at least 1 hour before taking anymore.

Edibles take a long time to get into the blood system.

Warning: Can have a sleepy effect on you.

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