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There’s a lot of good stuff out there but which are the best fertilisers and nutrients to use for your weed? Which ones will get you the biggest yields and healthiest plants?

With Malta’s latest legalisation of recreational cannabis, Maltese growers can legally grow their own plants. That is why you will need to learn all about fertilisers and finding the right product for your needs.

That is where we come in. In this article, we are going to let you know all about marijuana fertilisers and nutrients for your plants to grow bigger and healthier, in the best way possible.

Organic Weed Nutrients

Healthy marijuana plants need fertilisers with the three most important elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The combination of these elements will normally be represented on packaging as one single element, NPK.

nitrogen phosphorus potassium What are the best Marijuana fertilisers and nutrients?
nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

Nitrogen is essential for leaf growth while potassium eases the development of flowers. On the other hand, phosphorus contributes to root and bud growth. With these three together, you will have the perfect weed.

However, NPK are not isolated ingredients in weed fertiliser. Marijuana plant food also contains micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and others. These nutrients will help your weed to grow but they are not as crucial as the core nutrients. Let’s look at the core nutrients closely.


Nitrogen is vital to any living thing and being on earth. It is a vital factor for chlorophyll production that instils photosynthesis. However, it is also an integral component of amino acids which are the building blocks in all proteins.

Nitrogen Fertilizer for Marijuana
Nitrogen Fertilizer

Weed plants require nitrogen throughout their life cycle. Just as humans require adequate protein as an energy source, plants need it to form strong roots, stalks, branches, and leaves. Without nitrogen, plants will simply wither away.

Detecting a nitrogen deficiency is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Leaves will turn yellow and will fall off the plant. Nitrogen deficiency is noticeable when the top of the plant starts turning yellow.


Phosphorus is responsible for strengthening the plant’s roots and buds. It is also required for photosynthesis, metabolism, and the uptake of additional nutrients. Phosphorus will help a plant to reach its full potential. This nutrient does most of its work during the flowering stage. Marijuana plants receiving adequate phosphorus levels will come out having a stronger and more vibrant root system.

marijuana phospherus fertilizer What are the best Marijuana fertilisers and nutrients?
Phosphorus Fertilizer Nutrients

Without phosphorus, a plant will not produce flowers and will, most likely, be halted in its growth. Early signs of phosphorus deficiency will include a reddish-purple colour and the leaves turning grey, blue, and yellow. Also, plants with a lack of phosphorus are more prone to plant diseases and pests.


Think of potassium as being the immune system of the plants. Marijuana plants need this more during the flowering phase to produce big buds. Potassium also protects the plants from infection and disease, helps to use water efficiently and will strengthen the plant tissue.

Potassium deficiency is shown when leaves start to turn yellow and crumble and, as a result, stems will weaken.

While making your own homemade plant food is possible, pre-mixed fertiliser is the safest bet for beginners. As you become more experience, you can then experiment with different amounts of nutrients and make observations of your marijuana plants and how they are responding to different mixtures.

Fertilisers and Growth Stages

Choosing the best fertilisers for your marijuana plant can be daunting. Using too little or too much will not have you reaping the benefits that you are looking for. Here are the standard guidelines for what your plants need and when during different stages in the life cycle.

Early Growth

The early growth stage is when you still have seedlings or fresh cuttings. This is when your plants are just beginning to grow, reaching for light, and developing their roots. During this stage, plants can easily thrive off the nutrients from the seed and the minor amounts found in the soil. Too much too soon will harm young plants.

Our recommendation is to not start feeding your plants until they have, at least, 2-3 true leaves.

Vegetative Stage

This can last between four to twelve weeks. During this stage, your plants will require an NPK ratio of 3:1:1 (3% nitrogen, 1% phosphorus, and 1% potassium). Keep in mind that soil is rich in nitrogen so you may not need to feed your plant with this exact ratio. You might want to use a ratio of 1:1:1 as a safety measure.

Flowering Stage

This is divided between early bloom and full bloom. The first sign of flowering is the development of pistils. During the early bloom, the NPK ratio should be 1:3:2. Phosphorus is critical to strengthen the plant and developing strong roots. Blog Images 1 What are the best Marijuana fertilisers and nutrients?
Marijuana Flowering Stage

During the late bloom stage, the ratio should be around 0:3:3. The plant’s need for potassium increases here to ensure the optimum yield.


Keep in mind that these are generalised guidelines. Make sure to keep a log of your plant care, including feeding schedules, rations, and how plants are responding to specific nutrients.

Check out which seeds you can buy to grow your own cannabis plant.

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