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Agrolite Compact Fluorescent 150W DUAL

The agrolite Compact Fluorescent 150W DUAL has two spectrums: – Blue (for green plants or in growing period) – Red (for flowered plants or in blooming period)

In the beginning, the plant uses a colder light appropriate for the development of roots and stems.

However, foliage development requires the contribution of warmer light.

The correct spectrum can be provided to the plant at all times with the Agrolite 150W DUAL fluorescent, without changing the installation.

Knowing this, the DUAL 150W bulb is suitable for growing and blooming crops, preventing the disorders of fluorescent changes in different states of the plant and making it suitable for small grow tents where the temperature rise with other lamps is a problem.

Fluorescent low consumption. – Growth / Flowering. – 150 W.

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