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We’re Going Green this Black Friday! Up to 50% off on your favourite products!

Black Friday has always been an ample shopping opportunity for people to buy clothes, electronics, and food. But the cannabis industry is also getting in on the craze and here at…we are too but with a slight difference…we’re going GREEN this Black Friday! 

We’re having our biggest sale to date on our online shop…up to 50% off your favourite products. So, if you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals to satisfy your weed cravings, look no further! 

We’ve compiled this guide to give you a rundown of our top products that are currently discounted on our site. But rest assured, there’s more! So head over to our Green Friday page to check out all the products on discount here

Without further ado, let’s get into our top Black Friday picks!

Top Black Friday Picks

The Gravity Bong

This bong is unlike any other bong. It includes a 360-degree rotating glass hookah that generates kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity…hence the name! Made of borosilicate glass globes and anodised aluminium, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah offers a spectacular experience whilst delivering smooth and thick clouds.

Give it a spin and watch the magic happen…at a Black Friday deal!

studeng green gravity
Stundenglass Green Gravity Hookah
stundeng black gravity
Stundenglass Black Gravity Infuser

Grow Starter Kit

The perfect starter kit if you’re a beginner grower or you’re simply lazy and just like to keep things straightforward…which let’s face it, that’s all of us! This starter kit will contain all the essentials including light, your grow tent, a fan, and more. 

Whatever you need to kickstart your growing season, this kit will have it. No questions asked!

Growbox for
Grow Tent
clip fan for cannabis
Clip Fan

Stoner Box

The ideal smoke box for you or your smoking buddies (or both!). Our Black Friday offers are not only limited to discounts but we also packaged a few of our favourite products and placed them in a package targeted just for you! 

This Stoner Box includes a grinder, tubes, joint holder, and more!

Stoner Box Bundle
Stoner Box Bundle
Stoner Box Gift
Stoner Box Gift Set

CBD Vapes

We couldn’t leave our CBD vapes behind during this sale. Our favourite CBD Vapes are being offered at a Buy One, Get One Free…only during this Green Friday Sale! If you’re looking for a quality CBD Vape kit…at a bargain, we’re your guys!

Black CBD
CBD Vapes
Black CBG
CBG Vapes

Raw Box

Another package made specifically for YOU! Rolling trays, rolling papers and a matching keychain to keep the weed theme going. Let’s get this party started! 
There you have it – our top Black Friday picks from our SALE that is currently going on at our online shop. There’s definitely more where this came from so go check out the sale…it won’t be there for too long!

Raw Box
Raw Box
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